Adjustable Center, Tap Holder, Clamp Style

 Non-releasing type

Tap Holder requires no bushings, no collets, no extra jaws. Also important: need for cutting off tool shanks is completely eliminated. Tap Holder jaws firmly grip the tool along the full length of the jaws. This unit is the only tap holder with concentric self-alignment and adjustability for all taps within the capacity of the machine for which it is designed. Adaptable for use as a floating reamer holder

Part No. A B C D E F G Capacity
NBT-3050 .500 .750 1.187 .625 1.125 1.875 1.437 .030 to .406

  Adj Center 5/8'' Shank Tap Holder, Clamp type            NBT-3050           $190.00

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