Adjustable Floating Reamer Holder


 Designed for precision reaming, quick and accurate set-up. The Adjustable Floating Reamer Holders are self-centering, completely floating holders. The floating feature is simplicity itself. The master bushing with convex base engages a concave, loose-seating disc. After set-up, the setscrews, which center the bushing, are loosened slightly and the bushing is permitted to float. Eight sleeves are furnished for each standard size chucking reamer shank within capacity of the holder. Thus, the holder is complete in itself – no accessories needed. All these advantages add up to big savings in set-up and down time.

Bushing sizes included: 7/64, 9/64, 11/64, 13/64, 15/64, 9/32, 5/16, 3/8" 

Part No. A B C D E F Capacity
ARJ-2050 .875 1.125 1.125 .625 1.125 1.812 .062 to .562

 Adjustable Floating Reamer Holder               ARJ-2050                       $250.00

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