The Posi-Lock Dovetail Post

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When it comes to locking the tool block to the post we don’t fool around with weak set screws or “cam type” wedges…………the dovetail plate is drawn back to the post with two cap head bolts from the rear. Creating a solid, vibration free, won’t loosen up, work horse of a holder. To adjust center simply loosen the rear bolts, insert a hex key in the jack screw, center the tool, and lock it back in.       

Posi-LockTM System Operation

 The Posi-LockTM  system provides an easy to use, accurate tool alignment system. 

These  instructions explain the operation of each component.


System Breakdown





1.  Posi-Lock Post.

2.  Posi-Lock Head.

3.  Clamp Wedge.

4.   Adjusting Screw.

5.   Hold Down Screws.

6.    Locking Screws.

7.     Tool Clamp Screws.

8.      T Nuts.

9.      Dowel Pin. 

Initial Assembly 

Each post (1)  arrives with a wedge clamp (3) and locking screws (6) attached.

A dowel pin (9) aligns the wedge to stop vertical movement.

The hold down screws (5) are attached to the T nuts (8).

 The heads (2) have the adjusting screw (4) assembled, along with the tool clamp screws.

 To setup a post to a head, remove the adjusting screw from the head and loosen the locking screws on the post.

 Slide the head onto the clamp wedge, and replace the adjusting screw so that the flange of the adjusting screw is interlocked into the clamp wedge.

 This allows the adjusting screw to lift or lower the head. For odd size tools or special center heights the adjusting screw can sit on top of the wedge.

 To fine adjust a center height, follow these steps.

1. Loosen the top locking screw and lightly snug back down

(just enough to support the weight of the head.)

2.  Loosen the 2nd screw (usually the lower screw.)

3.  Adjust the tool up or down with the adjusting screw.

4.   Lock the 2 locking screws in place.


If the locking screws are both loosened together, the head will move easily causing erratic adjustment.

If the screws are not loosened enough it is possible to bend the wedge lip or the adjusting screw.

 If you are setting live tools or require exact positioning of the tool, a dial indicator on a mag-base can be used to check the amount of movement. 

Posi-LockTM System Operation

Assembled View


This view shows a post and a 1.5” extension head assembled.



Center Height Choices

On a standard 1.5” post, the ranges of center heights are shown below.










It is possible to open up the tool slot to 5/8” (16mm) for slightly larger tools.

Always remove metal from the top of the slot.


Setting Tools Upside Down

The tool blocks have been designed to allow the base of the slot to be raised to ”’ center.

This allows any size tool up to 5/8” shank to be mounted upside down to optimize spindle rotation for special needs.


We do not recommend the use of negative rake insert tools of ” center height in these holders.

The head extension can cause undue loading.

When using negative rake holders, we recommend the axial tool holders that have a fixed center height.

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  Posi-Lock Dovetail Post      1/2'' center        PPS-0150         $155.00
  Posi-Lock Dovetail Post      3/4'' center        PPS-0175        $155.00
  Posi-Lock Dovetail Post      3.500''                 PPS-0350        $175.00
  Posi-Lock Dovetail Post      4.000''                 PPS-0400        $180.00
  Posi-Lock Dovetail Post      5.500''                 PPS-0500        $225.00

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