ER Collet Holder System

 HEX NUT                                    MINI COLLET NUT  
A selection of shank sizes to suit your application.

Hardened and ground shank. 

.0002 concentricity.

Tool block not included.

 ER 11 hex nut collet holder, 1/2'' shank    AER-1140    $125.00
 ER 16 mini nut collet holder, 5/8'' shank    ERC-1658    $160.00
 ER 16 mini nut collet holder, 3/4'' shank    ERC-1634    $160.00
 ER 16 mini nut wrench                                             WRE-1600    $40.00
 ER 16 mini nut replacement                                ERN-1600    $55.00

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