Posi-lock Dovetail Systems

Adjustable, Axial, Live Tool Holder

For 36mm Finley Hi Torque Spindles

Add on a 90 degree head to do cross drilling applications.

Post and spindle sold separately.

Link to Finley Spindles

 36 mm Axial Live Tool Holder                                                                 PLA-5366    $195.00
  Posi-Lock Dovetail Post  3/4'' center                                              PPS-0175    $155.00
  Posi-Lock Dovetail Post  3.500 high  with dovetail                 PPS-0350    $175.00
  Posi-Lock Dovetail Post  4.000 high with dovetail                  PPS-0400    $180.00
  Posi-Lock Dovetail Post  5.000 high with dovetail                  PPS-0500    $225.00

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